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The alteration of physiological processes caused by trauma, fatigue or any other osteomyelitis pathology is fought from the inside with a source of energy that can stimulate the natural biological regeneration and healing process of the diseased tissues. The biological stimulation induced by the resistive and capacitive transfer is able to trigger endogenously the reaction of the diseased tissues and the activation of the
Repair processes.
The increase in endogenous temperature results in strong stimulation at the cellular level, increases internal temperature and re-activates the circulation, triggering rapidly the natural reparative processes of the body.
Evolved workmanship causes an almost immediate pain reduction, the tissue repair process is completed in a shorter time

Bipolar treatments
The method allows to transfer EMC energy to the hand-piece contact point; Does not require a neutral neutral electrode, it is used in localized treatments and is intended for small body parts and the transfer takes place on the very earliest cellular layers, the less profound ones.
Ideal is facial treatment (eg: rhinitis, sinusitis), but also on wounds or other medical conditions, but also in aesthetic treatments of stiffening, collagen stimulation, improved tissue elasticity