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The concept of "Tecarterapia Evoluta" is a completely new concept introduced by PAGANI to answer to more and more demanding professionals, to whom traditional therapies and / or diathermy are no longer congenial, because they are looking for something more in terms of performance, safety, comfort, technology.
Today, all PAGANI’s devices meet these new standards included into the "Tecarterapia Evoluta" brand. In this sense, safety and maximum protection features offered by each device must be considered as one of the most important features for performing electromagnetic therapy. The availability of the new interactive hand-piece also enables capacitive or resistive modes to be set up through sophisticated electronics without replacing electrodes and / or hand-pieces; The treatments can be manual or static, unipolar or bipolar, in continuous or pulsed emission.
This and more are the prerogatives of the devices of "Tecarterapia Evoluta"